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At PALADIN RANCH, I have been breeding, raising and showing quality AMHA and AMHR registered miniature horses for 18 years. During this time, Paladin Ranch has become well known for breeding proven show quality miniatures with National Top Ten Awards and National All Star Championships.

My horses have excellent conformation, loving temperaments and vibrant colors. Let your dreams come true by purchasing a quality, registered miniature from Paladin Ranch, Bennett Colorado.

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I purchased a mini from you previously and have been so happy with my decision and the pride that you have in your horses, that when I decided to buy another mini...he had to come from Paladin Ranch!

- Patty Opperman, Golden Colorado

Sandman is the most delightful, kind, loving little horse ever. He is so perfect for us and our program helping people with special needs. You are an amazing part of who he is! Thank you for letting us purchase Paladin's Mister Sandman. He will have a fantastic future and make so many people happy.

- George and Linda Dinwiddie, Bailey Colorado

I want to tell you how much I love Paladin's Carmel Girl. You did such a wonderful job with her. Everyone that visits her just falls in love with her too. She is so sweet and gentle that I couldn't have asked for a better little girl. She was obviously brought up with much care and attention. THANK YOU for letting me purchase her. She is a beautiful gift in my life.

- Dian Huss

Thank You so much for bringing the minature horses out to the Bal Swan Children's Center in Broomfield. It brought a ton of joy into the children's lives. We have several photos hanging through-out the school.

- Marlene, Founder Bal Swan Children's Center

Deborah - Thanks for bringing the miniature horses out to Smoky Hill Library. The event was a big hit. The information you provided was fantastic. You obviously love your horses, and care for them very well.

- Cindy, Smokey Hill Library