Paladin's Princess N Patches

Paladin's Princess N Patches "Dorothy" foaled February 10, 2009. This precious little black and white pinto filly was born at all of 22" tall. Dorothy is sired by Paladin's JimmyD Patches, 9th place winner at the 2006 Nationals in the Stallion owned, bred, shown by exhibitor class. Patches has numerous other winnings including two Championship and six Junior Championship placings. Paladin’s Princess N Patches “Dorothy” is the daughter of EZ To Love Minis Cherokee Princess, a beautiful black and white pinto. Little Miss Dorothy is a chocolate brown, black and white pinto with wild markings that are evenly placed side to side. She has a precious little prance, lifting her little legs high with each step. Dorothy is going to be fantastic in the show ring and she absolutely loves attention, hugs and kisses! Dorothy is registered AMHR.